Special Report

In Search of Truth

Is it possible to search for truth when it means different things to different people?

What Truth Is—and Isn’t

Donald Winchester

The world seems no closer to defining truth today than the ancient philosophers were. And yet we cannot do without it.

Insight: What Is Truth?

What Is Truth?

David Hulme

What is truth? Can we really know for sure? In this issue we explore the subject of truth from several angles. 

Post Truth


David Hulme

We’ve entered the age of post-truth—where objective facts carry less weight than emotions and opinions. Is truth obsolete?

Bursting the Post-Truth Bubbles

Daniel Tompsett

We live at the dawn of a new “Enlightenment.” Only this one has little to do with reason and rationalism.

In Pursuit of Veritas: What Is Truth?

In Pursuit of Veritas

Donald R. Hornsby

In the Graeco-Roman world, the goddess Veritas embodied all that was understood as “truth.” What is truth and how can we recognize it?

Ancient Cities, Lasting Truths

Ancient Cities, Lasting Truths

David Hulme

Biblically, the setting and lessons of the seven church congregations to which John wrote deliver a powerful reminder that values are worth holding on to, and that compromise never brings lasting reward.

Truth or Tradition?

David Hulme

In his 2012 book, Pope Benedict acknowledges that the traditional Christmas story is not accurate in many respects. Scholars have been pointing this out for decades, but does it really matter? Why should truth trump tradition?

RIddled with Truth

Part 8

Riddled With Truth

David Hulme

Did people grasp all the implications of Jesus’ teaching? Surprisingly, they were not intended to, since Jesus often deliberately obscured His meaning.

The Gospels for the 21st Century, Part 5: A Platform of Truth

Part 5

A Platform of Truth

David Hulme

At the heart of one of the most famous oratories of all time lie enduring values and principles that can lift us out of today’s maze of moral confusion.