Fall 2001

Insight: The Cult of the Expert

The Cult of the Expert

David Hulme

Has modern understanding of marriage, family and sex been muddied by flawed “expert” knowledge?

Pathways to Peace

Pathways to Peace?

David Hulme

Two American statesmen offer divergent approaches to foreign policy for the 21st century. 

Medals of Honor

Medals of Honor

Rebecca Sweat

As the world celebrates the centennial of the Nobel prizes, Vision interviews Irwin Abrams, the foremost expert on the history of the Nobel peace prize.

A Culture of Divorce

A Culture of Divorce

Brian Orchard

More and more couples are willing to endure the pain of ending a marriage, a fact that is reshaping society itself, according to experts.

Wading into the Gene Pool

Wading Into the Gene Pool

Rebecca Sweat

Vision interviews W. French Anderson, M.D., director of Gene Therapy Laboratories at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a Right Christmas

Edwin Stepp

Robert C. Boraker

You’ve probably heard that the Western world’s biggest holiday is steeped in paganism. But have you asked yourself why it matters? 

RIddled with Truth
The Gospels for the 21st Century, Part 8

Riddled With Truth

David Hulme

Did people grasp all the implications of Jesus’ teaching? Surprisingly, they were not intended to, since Jesus often deliberately obscured His meaning.

Just Six Numbers

Just Six Numbers

Peter Roberts

Is human life the result of many coincidences and random chance? Or is it instead the fine-tuning of the laws that govern it which have led to our existence? 

Biography: Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison: Symbol of a Dawning Age

Cecile Ras

Many of the products and industries that today’s society depends on today had their roots in the fertile imagination of the renowned inventor Thomas Edision.