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Spring 2014
  • Insight: The Middle East and World War I
    Like so many problems in the Middle East, the impasse between Israel and the Palestinians has some of its roots in World War I.
  • The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 8: A Nation in Bondage
    As the book of Exodus begins, Joseph and his generation are long dead, a new pharaoh sits on the throne of Egypt, and the outlook is bleak for the descendents of Jacob, or Israel.
  • The Hapless Gods of Egypt

    By considering which of the known Egyptian gods can be related to each of the plagues, we can begin to understand how God’s judgment was accomplished.

  • The Real Story of Noah

    It is the basis for yet another blockbuster movie drawn from the Bible, but is the account of Noah and the Ark good for more than epic Hollywood entertainment? Who was the biblical Noah, and what can we learn from his example?

  • Parenting the Challenging Child

    Difficult. Headstrong. Stubborn. Defiant. If any of these words describe your child or teen, don’t give up. An innovative set of parenting ABCs can help toward solving the problem.

  • A War to End All War

    H.G. Wells is remembered primarily for his science-fiction works, but he also coined a phrase that for a century has been linked with World War I. As the world marks the centennial of that war’s fateful beginning, we ask: Can a war end all war?

  • Of War and Peace

    Reviews of The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War, The Last of the Doughboys The Forgotten Generation, and Their Forgotten World War.

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