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Summer 2014
  • Insight: Civilization, Soil and Survival
    We know from the record of history that when civilizations do not respect their topsoil, they fail almost without exception.
  • The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 9: Into the Wilderness

    The descendants of Jacob had been enslaved in Egypt for many years when Moses brought them word that God was about to rescue them. In Part 9 of the series, we trace the story of their exodus from the land of the pharaohs. 

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    Happiness is often regarded as a basic human right these days, but does a person’s ability to be happy depend on circumstances, or can we achieve it despite living under trying conditions? Current research confirms ancient wisdom on finding real happiness. 

  • Words of Hope

    Around the world, a number of nations made progress toward racial equality during the 20th century. Fifty years ago, in July 1964, the United States passed its own landmark Civil Rights Act—the result, at least in part, of one eloquent man’s persuasive words and deeds.

  • Seeing the Signs, Discerning the Times

    For thousands of years, mariners have recognized a red sky in the morning as a signal of bad weather and have taken steps to avert disaster. Are we as adept at seeing the signs of our troubled times for what they portend, and if so, how do we respond?

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